Saturday, March 25, 2017

1963 Homemakers group

Working on what seems to be an on-going project of figuring out old photos.  Found this one of the Homemakers group.  Pretty happy to see that it was marked w/ a date of "1963" on the front.  At times I've resorted to trying to figure out from cars or clothes when pictures were taken.  I recognized Mom and my best friend's mother but no one else.   Begged a cup of coffee yesterday from my neighbors and they could name their family members and quite a few more in the picture.  They are having a family reunion this year so now that I have it scanned in, I'll give it to them for their picture display.


Anonymous said...

Is Grandma in the 3rd row, 1st person from right (not looking directly at the camera)?

Anonymous said...

As I was scanning the photo looking for someone who might be related to you, I also thought it was the same woman that Rebecca picked out. Are we right?