Friday, March 24, 2017

Paper Birch in spring

As I said, the GNO (Girls Night Out) group had our Christmas party last weekend.  Part of that process is to pick a new theme for the gifts we give each other next Christmas.  This can be a drawn out process though we can't leave for home w/o coming to an agreement.  The subject of "Homophones" was leading for awhile (example "new" and "knew") w/ "Homographs" a close second (example "bow" the knot and "bow" the weapon).  However we were playing Timeline and there was a suggestion to pick a card from the deck and make that our theme.  More debate about rules on how to pick a card.  We finally came up w/ each of us picking three cards, placing them all together in a hat, and then each picking out one card which would be our gift theme,  Another hat draw for the name of the person we give that gift to and we were done.  So ... the present I give next Christmas has to be reminiscent of the 1812 Discovery of the Ancient City of Petra.  I like it.


Anonymous said...

I love playing that game, Timeline!

Anonymous said...

And I love getting "Snow White"!