Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Still my baby

The library, in my opinion, is there for people to use.  My job is to make it easy for people to use it.  So I am as lenient as possible within the constraints of the librarian's rules.  The correct thing to do would probably have been to show the lady who came in w/ a list of books her mother wanted how to look them up on the on-line system.  Then she could order them from her home in the future.  However, I ordered them for her as she told me about her day and how tired she was.  Maybe another time.  Also copied four pictures from a book for a man who said he didn't want to learn how to use a copier.  There are signs up at the computers stating "No Playing Games".  I could easily tell from where I sat that the young man who came in to use a computer was shooting zombies as they popped up on the screen.  However, the reason for the no-games rule is it uses up a lot of bandwidth  and at the moment he and I were the only ones on the system.  He played for maybe a half hour, checked out some DVD's and left.  A lady and her daughter came in.  There was a movie on the hold shelf for the daughter but the daughter owed over $10 to the library so I couldn't check it out to her.  The mother asked if she could check it out.  I took the daughter's hold off the movie, saw no one else wanted it at the moment, and instead of sending it back to the library it came from, checked it out to the mother.  Hopefully, everyone who came into the library tonight will return because they found it a welcoming, useful place but it might be because they realized the volunteer on duty is a milk toast.

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