Thursday, September 08, 2016


A beautiful day so I bopped over to see Aunt June this morning. I wheeled her through the door of the memory unit which goes right past the beautician shop for that floor. The volunteer person on duty knows me and came out to say hi. She also informed me that June had an appointment to have her hair set this morning but she'd put it off so June and I could have our visit. Glad I could find a spot in June's busy schedule! We went to a spot where June could look through big windows onto the patio while I told her all about the presidential candidates questioning last night. June had recently developed a habit of spitting out her food (for an elderly lady she could really get some distance) so I'd brought extra napkins but it wasn't necessary. Maybe it was being able to look outside or my engaging repertoire but she ate the whole donut and drank most of her mocha with no problems. Visits w/ June are always surprising in one way or another.

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