Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Dew on a spiderweb

The car had been sounding funny. I stopped in at the mechanics on the way home from visiting Aunt June. I thought I needed a brake job but the mechanic said it could be the calipers. He had a cancellation that afternoon so could look at it soon. I stuck around long enough for him to verify he was correct about the problem and then walked up to the library. The library keeps copies of the school yearbooks and I pulled out the one for my graduate year. Wow, didn't remember some of these people (and there weren't that many). Checked out a computer and tried to look up some of them. Didn't take long to realize this would be easier if I was on Facebook. Did find some interesting websites though and before long I got a call that my car was ready to go. Another use for the library - a place to wait while your car gets fixed.

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