Tuesday, May 31, 2016

House finch (?) and Goldfinch

Perfect weather for a cookout yesterday. First I washed off my benches by Ragnarok. I've got shepards hooks nearby for birds to use but occasionally they land on the benches (and lighten their load before taking off again). Next brought out some buckets of water. Little danger of the fire spreading but didn't want to chastise myself later on "If only I had water ready to go when the flying embers caught that old grass." Filled up the picnic basket w/ what I needed and brought out some wood and birch bark. Birch bark is great for starting fires. Once the fire flamed up, I put in the baking potato I'd wrapped in foil. Leisurely roasted wieners and marshmallows. Indy was nearby so nothing went to waste. After eating what more perfect way to top off a picnic than w/ an experiment? I had a bag of dried sage, one of thyme, and one of moss. I threw the sage on first. Didn't smell anything. Maybe it's more aromatic if you do it in a closed tepee or hogan? Tried the thyme. That had a slightly sweet smell to it. Threw the moss on last. Maybe it was the contrast w/ the thyme but the moss seemed to smell earthier.  I packed up everything plus tied two plastic bags apiece to the benches.  The wind will fill them w/ air and bounce them around enough to keep those birds off the benches.

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