Thursday, June 15, 2017

Swamp Saxifrage

Worked a longer shift at the library yesterday.  The librarian, who is retiring at the end of August, took the day off.  So the early morning volunteer worked until 2:30 and then  came in and worked until our usual Wednesday closing time of 7.  Wednesday is a courier day so we had a new batch of books ordered from other libraries.  People came in off and on picking up their books.  One man wanted to know who owned a parcel of land he was interested in. Suggested he go next door to the Village clerk.  He came back w/ a parcel list for the area and we found what he needed.   Aunt Bev stopped by and we got her back up on her tablet and access to Facebook.  The print looked mighty small to me so I got into settings and put it at "Huge".  Didn't make much difference.  Called my sister Connie - she's on Facebook. She got me in touch w/ her son-in-law Mike who immediately was able to talk us through how to make it larger (and smaller).  Was pretty happy when I finally closed up the library - accomplished everything requested of me (w/ some help).  There are't many days a person can say that!

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