Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Deer pals

Indy and I took a walk through the tall grass in my hay fields.  Ahead and down the hill a deer jumped up out of the grass and bounded for the woods.  She was bleating most of the way which is unusual for a deer - usually they stay quite silent.  Did she have a fawn somewhere?  Indy in dog-like fashion backtracked the deer's trail. I've seen fawns remain curled up and motionless when Indy found them.  This tactic thoroughly confuses Indy since they have no smell.  However, this fawn started bawling like a calf and came running through the grass, which was taller than  he was, straight for me.  He realized as he closed in I probably wasn't a safe haven and passed by to my right.  I was able to stop Indy from chasing the little thing further and we continued on a circuitous route home.  Doe and fawn will quickly find each other again.  Never say our walks are uneventful.

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