Monday, May 22, 2017


Turkeys were documented in this state in the first accounts of European explorers in the 1600's.  By the 1800's they had been wiped out here by hunting and loss of habitat. Several attempts were made to reintroduce them but they all failed until the late 1970's when turkey flocks were brought in from Missouri.  Those flocks prospered and the next 10 years were spent capturing some of those turkeys and releasing them in other parts of the state.  Estimates are we now have 350,000 turkeys.  Indy let me know  one was visiting the yard this morning.  The bird was concerned about Indy's bark so left soon following one of my pathways.  Once it was well down the path I let Indy out.  Wasn't too worried she would catch the turkey.  They can run up to 25 m/p/h and, of course, these wild turkeys fly.  I let Indy out more to reward her for letting me know of an intruder and to pump up her ego by being able to chase the "threat" away.

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