Tuesday, May 23, 2017

American Copper

The lug nuts on one of my car wheels were hot when I came home on Friday so dropped the car off at the mechanics on Monday.  Donna had the day off and gave me a lift home.  Got a call this afternoon that the car was ready.  Instead of calling around for a ride I decided that it was only about 3 miles into town - I walk that far through the swamps.  I figured I could easily walk a mile in 1/2 hour and it was two hours before the repair shop closed.  I'd hoof it into town.   I was enjoying the trip - can tell you where each lilac bush is located along the road - but when my neighbor Frank Weinert stopped and asked if I'd like a lift into town I took him up on it.   Tonight I think I'll soak in the tub.  Walking on the asphalt road is a bit tougher on my feet than walking along on soft dirt deer paths.

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