Thursday, May 25, 2017


 My friend Kris died.  We knew each other for 35 years.  She managed a systems support group at Honeywell when I joined the company.  We not only worked together but often ate lunch together. She let me borrow her young kids one night so I could see the movie "Cinderella" and not look too out of place.  One summer she and I spent weekends white water canoeing rivers within a day's drive.  She retired in 2000 but we were already in a "GNO" (Girls Night Out) group by then so we saw each other multiple times each year. In retirement she became a Master Gardner and became active in Wild Ones (a native plant group).  When I first moved back here, she could point out wild flowers that I didn't even notice.   At GNO get-togethers we'd talk politics, science, books, religion, and solve all of the world's problems.   She'll be missed.


Anonymous said...

This is such sad news. I know you and your close knit group will miss her so much.


Brent said...

Sorry to hear that your friend passed away. You guys usually met at the State Fair every year? You will have good memories.