Friday, May 26, 2017

Flowers for Memorial Day

 I had bought flowers and potted them at the beginning of the month.  Even w/ all of my planning and prep only three pots had open flowers.  I need four.  I remembered the  county highway mower had kindly left my bunch of lilacs near the road so last night I went out and cut a bouquet of them.  As I've said before, I am convinced my grandmother's ghost would rise up before me if I were to put plastic flowers on her grave.  (Interesting ... that would make it a wrathful wraith.)  I placed the flowers at the cemetery and then went to pick up Aunt Bev.  The nursing home had a memorial service remembering Aunt June and all of the other residents who had died in the last year.  They used the largest room in the nursing home and even so it was packed.  Afterward I dropped Aunt Bev back off at Aunt Ruth & Uncle Rodney's home and I stopped off to check on all of the flowers I'd placed out earlier.  The local boy scout troop had taken on the task of cleaning all of the tombstones as their community project this year.  I'd been thinking I needed to get the lichen off my grandparents headstones before names became unreadable.  The Boy Scouts thankfully beat me to it.


Anonymous said...

Good memories Sue. I remember working with Grandma in the well house to prepare the flowers that she was going to take to the cemetery. I can even remember the big vases she used. Same ones each year. Just not sure how she got all those flowers to bloom that early.


The Sandbar said...

Thank you for placing the flowers. Looks so nice! I remember G'ma had lilacs and occasionally peonies, but agree with Phil. Not sure how she was able to get enough for the several pots she did. The peonies on the east side of her house may have bloomed earlier because they were in the sun.