Saturday, May 13, 2017

Gooseberry flowers

A day for some seasonal firsts.
* Indy and I came across our first bear for the season.  My priority was checking that there were no cubs w/ it so I didn't get a picture before it noticed me and took off into the woods.  * Back in March I'd stopped by the shop in town to ask that they do a spring checkup on my tractor - oil change, sharpen the blades on the mower deck, etc.  I stopped back in April to tell them that I'd be gone the last two weeks in April so they could do the tuneup before then or after.  Sure enough they called the day before we left on the trip and said they were sorry they hadn't gotten to me sooner.  Not a problem I told them, I'd be back Monday May 1 and just give me a call to pick up the tractor.  When I hadn't gotten a call by the end of that week, I stopped in again and reminded them I was back.  Yes they still had me on the list.  The lawn was becoming a tick fest so I finally got the tractor out today and did my first mow for the season.  * Mother's Day weekend is traditionally the time for the hummingbirds to return to the Northwoods.  Made up some syrup, found my feeders, and hung them out tonight.  * My final seasonal first for the day was breaking into double digits on my daily tick count - 23.  Oops, make that 24.

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The Sandbar said...

24 ticks! Sounds worse than running into a bear. Too bad, the pepper spray you have for bears, does not work on ticks!!