Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tracks in the Snow

The bad news was it snowed overnight.  The good news is I had a visitor on the deck.  I hadn't seen this type of track before so stood in the snow considering all that it was telling me.   A mammal.  No signs of tail or belly dragging so not a possum. Small prints and by the distance between prints not a long legged one.  Definitely not a rabbit.  Little triangle imprints made by claws so likely not in the cat family.  Five toes on the back feet so not in the dog family.  Oh no!  Good, five toes on the front also so not in the rodent family.  Coon?  No long fingers like I usually see w/ coon tracks.  I've noticed a skunk around. That's a possibility.  The tracks were paired w/ one foot always a little ahead of the other - I'm thinking weasel family.  Maybe a mink.  It came from below the deck, checked out each of the bird feeders, and looks like it went back under the deck.  Hope I can get a picture of it before it takes off for a more permanent home in the meadow.  (But if I'm wrong and it is a skunk, then I don't really need a pic before it leaves.)

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