Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pink Moon

I read the news headline: "Pink Moon Rising."  Threw me for a loop since I'd never heard the term "pink moon".  Was pretty sure it had nothing to do w/ the actual color of the moon.  I was correct.  Article said it was a Native American name given to the April moon because the wild pink moss  bloomed this time of year.  No Native American tribe in this region would have called it that since wild pink moss doesn't grow here and if it did, it wouldn't be blooming this early.  The Lakota of the Northern Plains called the April full moon "Moon when the wife had to crack bones for marrow fat".  Not a very poetic name but probably means that this is when there is little of the food put up for winter left and no new food sources yet.  The Mohawk of the Eastern Woodlands called it "Budding Time Moon" and the Winnebago of the Great Lakes called it "Planting Corn Moon".  Much more typical of what is going on in this neck of the woods in April.

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