Thursday, April 06, 2017

County mower/busher

Unfortunately I've already found a tick on me this year.  Indy and I have taken to walking early in the morning when the temps still hover near freezing and ticks aren't active.  I heard a loud noise in the direction of the road so we checked it out.  The county road crew were bushing the ditches and sides of the road.  Good time of the year to do it since there isn't any new growth yet, no young animals or birds hiding there, and it's easy for them to see obstacles.  He was doing a very thorough job.  I wondered if I'd lose my lilacs again.  They were here before me and, while they aren't in the ditch, they are still technically within the road r/w.  A few years ago, the road crew came through and, despite my protests, had mowed the lilacs to the ground.  I'd sent off an angry letter to the local paper.  Not being a horticulturist I didn't know that lilacs are tough.  Within two years they had grown back and were producing flowers again.  This time the busher guy ground everything into a mulch right up to the lilacs and then bypassed them.  (Yeah!)  Suppose I should send another letter to the editor thanking the road crew -or- leave well enough alone?

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