Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tour checking out the heifers and vice versa

A tour group came to the dairy today. Not the kind where people wear casual clothes w/ a camera slung around their neck.  Pretty sure these were vocational technical/college students.  Usually the dairy makes a cleaning plan ahead of time so when a tour comes through, everything is shiny and pretty.  All Eric had said yesterday was that Mike would be steam cleaning the parlor that afternoon.  I figured all we would need to do today was a quick scrub to clean up after the morning milking and be gone before anyone arrived.  While I was doing setup this morning however, it was obvious that the parlor needed a lot more than that.  I double checked w/ the herdsman later and she said to do our usual Thursday foam and scrub of the parlor.  So that's what we did.   Meant we were working away as the groups came through.  Suppose it could be thought of as a good thing - the students not only got valuable info from the owners on how the dairy business works but also a floor show from Alejandrina and me.

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