Friday, November 18, 2016

A spring in the woods

Yesterday as the dairy got ready for the tour, a calf saw an opportunity to see the wide world and took it. Michelle first spotted it through the milking parlor windows.  It was standing in a hay field a little uncertain of what to do next w/ it's new found freedom.  Eric gave chase and the calf took off.  Eric had to give up when the calf headed into the woods and swamp south of the barn about the time the tour group was due.  I didn't think a loose calf was that big a deal.  Wouldn't it sooner or later return to the barn to rejoin the rest of it's herd?  Michelle wasn't so sure plus on the other side of the swamp was a fairly busy road.  This morning Michelle and Alejandrina spotted the wayward calf as they drove in past the barn and the two of them managed to corner and grab hold of it's collar.  Good that the little baby is back in it's nice dry warm home.  Today featured periods of torrential rainfall, gale-force winds, hail and tonight, I think, our first snow.

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