Friday, November 25, 2016

Savannah Sparrow

Tuesday the dairy said they wouldn't need me for the rest of the week.  By Wednesday that had changed and they asked if I could come in on Friday.   Alejandrina and Mauricio arrived right after I got there this morning.  Mike was taking the day off and Mauricio would be working his job.  Fridays are usually easy days - nothing extra that the milkers have to do.   However, Thursday was "Dia de Accion de Gracias".  The dairy's rule is no extra work on holidays so scrubbing the parlor had been put off til today.  When Eric & Carol came in to check on everything, they asked that I teach Mauricio how to clean the parlor.  It's true he worked at the dairy for years but never on the morning shift.  Mauricio seems to understand English well.  At least I could explain something once and he did exactly what I had said.  He isn't as fluent speaking English.  After we were done I asked him if he would be giving Alejandrina a lift home.  I think his reply was he would.  Just to be sure, I went in where Alejandrina was cleaning up and asked if she would be getting a ride home w/ Mauricio.  I think her reply was yes.  I'm hoping I understood them correctly and didn't just hear what I wanted.

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