Thursday, October 13, 2016

Red Maple on a brisk autumn day

Indy and I are taking it easy this weekend. Doc's orders. Indy came up lame on her back left leg Tuesday afternoon and when it didn't get any better on Wednesday, I made an appointment w/ the vet. The vet assistant tried to take Indy into the back for x-rays but Indy wasn't leaving me and she's a pretty powerful dog. So I went back too. It was immediately obvious that Indy was not going to sit calmly for any procedure. I gave the OK to sedate her. X-rays showed no breaks. In fact, the doc was pretty impressed that for an older dog, the only thing that showed up was maybe the beginning of arthritis in one foot. He said it could be a torn tendon, soft tissue damage, or Lymes disease. He gave me an anti-inflammatory for her. Next problem was waking her up. It took some nudging but she managed to walk out to the car before she decided to lay down again on the pavement. Fortunately for me, she really wanted away from that place. She mustered enough energy to not only stand again but jump onto the front seat. Once we got home, it took her another half-hour before she was ready to get out of the car. By that time she was awake enough to be out of sorts w/ me and the rest of the world.  Gave her a pill and left her alone for the night. This morning she's using the leg again.  Will use up the rest of the pills, let her rest, and give it time.

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Brent said...

Evelyn and I have been enjoying your Fall pictures. I always enjoyed October in the North. Still near 90 degrees in TX. Glad you are taking care of the old gal, (Indy).