Saturday, October 15, 2016

Daylily seed pod

While I was waiting in the vet's office, I watched the doc's other patients.  The lady sitting next to me had noticed Indy wasn't putting weight on her back leg.  "Dysplasia", she said.  "Huh" was my intelligent response.  "Dysplasia," she reiterated, "We had black labs and just all of the sudden their hips go and that's it." I wasn't sure what "that's it" meant and didn't ask.  She and her husband had a large crate filled w/ cats that she said she found and they were going to keep as house pets.  Mentally I decided to wait for the doc's diagnosis of Indy's problem.  In through the door walked a man w/ a good-sized white puppy under each arm.  He placed them on the floor and waited for the receptionist. "They are dogo argentinos also called Argentinian mastiffs." He said.  "We breed them and these are about to be shipped out to their new homes."  The puppies were extremely laid back and immediately fell asleep on top of each other. The man filled us in on the characteristics of the breed - non-aggression, powerful, brave, and loyal.  After the vet gave the puppies a certificate of health, the man brought them back to the waiting room and placed them again on the floor while he paid the bill.  First puppy, now wide awake, ambled over to the nearest corner and promptly urinated.  The man grabbed it up but while he was apologizing to the staff, the second puppy thought that was a really good idea and she did the same thing.  The vet staff cleaned it up quickly before any other animal got the same idea.  Meanwhile, I was relieved when the doc called me in to show x-rays indicated Indy had no breaks (and no dysplasia).

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