Friday, October 07, 2016

Path to the woods

What was suppose to be a half hour walk this afternoon turned into two hours. I checked on some buckthorn that I had trimmed off this spring. They had put on leaves but didn't look very healthy and, more importantly, there were no more sprouting nearby. I trimmed off all of their leaves again. Then went walking around the edge of the woods looking for any other buckthorn that might have started growing. If I found tiny ones, I pulled them out by the roots. Larger ones I defoliated and marked a branch w/ a strip of pink duct tape. When I see the tape in the future it'll remind me to check for buckthorn. I was nearing the house again when I ran out of tape. Jumped in the car to pick up my mail downtown. My Christmas cards arrived! (I like to be prepared.) Stopped off at Glory B's and ordered a pizza. The place was empty so while I waited I chatted w/ the bartender. She said this weekend is the Youth Hunt (kids can hunt deer w/ rifles as long as an adult is along). Note to self - wear my blaze orange windbreaker on this weekend's walks. The bartender said the place would fill up later because there is a football game tonight. I asked if people came in to watch the game on one of the big TV's in the place. Got an incredulous stare from the bartender (what did I say wrong?) Turns out it's the local high school that's playing a home game. Doubt I'll ever get plugged into what's going on in our small community.

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