Thursday, October 06, 2016

Red Squirrel

Indy and I did a few more activities getting ready for freezing weather. I pried the lid off the sewer system and used the hose to clean out the filter. Then I disconnected the hose from the outside spigot. No further need for that this year. I moved the new just-delivered bench over to Ragnarok. Will wait until I have some help to work out how to get it out to Gorgeous Gorge next spring. Took in the hummingbird feeders. It's been a few weeks since I've seen one so I'm assuming they are well on their trip south. Also cleaned out the thistle feeder. During the summer the birds eschewed it in favor of the myriad of other seeds available in the meadow. The birds that overwinter will again flock to this feeder once the snow covers all their other options. Replaced the bear spray in my camera case w/ a pruner. It's bear hunting season so they are laying low for awhile. The buckthorn trees remain green while the native trees turn color so that makes it buckthorn hunting season as well. After the walk I got on Amazon and ordered a bottle of Glögg (non-alcoholic kind). Might as well have a reason to look forward to cold weather.

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