Monday, September 05, 2016

Still summer

When we were doing our planning for the fair, Nancy wanted to get a tattoo there.  Not a permanent one but a henna one like she'd seen on one of her other friends.  Not something we'd ever done before but why not.   At the fair when we got to the henna tattoo tent, Nancy started getting cold feet.  She asked if they used different paint pots w/ each customer.  They didn't.  Kathy and I reminded her it's just painting on the outside of her arm so using the same paint pot is no worse than grabbing a doorknob but she wasn't buying it.  We finally walked on.  We split up near the animal barns.   I took a walk through the cattle barn.  At the kids activity center in the cattle barn, two women were putting press-on tattoos of a purple cow on little children.  I waited my turn and got my "tattoo".  Turns out Kathy had a similar idea and got one of a bug at the DNR building.   Today most of my cow design has worn off.  All I can still see is one purple hoof waving at me on my arm.  Looks like a freckle.  Nancy never did get a tattoo.

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