Sunday, September 11, 2016


While I was at the Fair about two weeks ago, I got an e-mail from the dairy where I used to work. Eric said he might have to let a milker go and could I come in to work starting the next Monday for a couple of weeks. "Sure," I replied. I wondered to myself if I remembered which end of the cow to milk. However, by that Thursday, Eric e-mailed that they wouldn't need me until Tuesday. "Not a problem", I replied. Figured Monday was Labor Day and since the protocol is to do no extra work on holidays, they probably thought they could get through that day w/o extra help. Before Tuesday though, I got another e-mail from Eric. They were going to start cutting corn and wouldn't need me until after the crop was in. "OK", I replied. Have no idea why field work would have anything to do w/ the milking but didn't ask any questions. By now I was also realizing that I wasn't really looking forward to milking again, even for a short time. This afternoon another e-mail from Eric - would I be able to milk starting Tuesday? I thought a bit about it but replied "Yes". Another e-mail tonight from Eric cancelled his earlier request.  He did add one extra bit of information though - "It's like a Spanish soap opera here," he wrote, "except w/ more clothing."   Now I'm kinda hoping I do actually go in to work at the dairy - sounds like some great gossip.

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