Monday, August 15, 2016

Meadowhawk dragonfly

My brother Phil called last night and talked about touring a John Deere site where the large tractors are made. He was impressed w/ the multiple flat screens that swiveled w/ the tractor seat and automatic controls. I had breakfast this morning w/ my other brother Russell and told him about it. Russell said he'd driven some of the big tractors on a former job - equipped w/ GPS, auto steering, jump seats, etc. His boss had taken him out to a field on the first day and told him to bring a newspaper because he'd need something to do while the tractor did all of the work - Russ was only along for the ride. Made me think that when we siblings try to regale the family's younger generations w/ tales of driving tractor when we were only nine years old, they'll shrug and say, "So?"

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