Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Glade in the Forest

Before going to bed I've taken to sitting out on the deck first and doing a crossword puzzle. Indy comes out and sits in the grass keeping vigil. First thing I notice is the owls start hooting to let the rest of their family know where they are. A background insect hum is omnipresent this time of year. I notice it more, plus the high pitched trills of tree frogs, as the other sounds of the day go away. Tonight storms are blowing in. Occasional long slashes of cloud to cloud lightening add some little excitement. Suddenly the meadow lights up as all of the goldenrod catch the last rays of sunset. Just as quickly they fade. There won't be any twilight tonight. The storm clouds will swallow up that last portion of clear sky soon. I give a quick whistle and Indy follows me into the house. My ideal nightlife.

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