Friday, August 19, 2016

Dramatic Sunrise

Guess I didn't sleep well last night. Took awhile to get to sleep. Seemed I thought of one more thing I should do before going to sleep too many times. Got up so often that Indy finally jumped off her usual spot at the foot of the bed and laid on the floor. Woke up around 3 a.m. Listened to a short BBC radio talk about naturalist John Muir and how he loved being out in a storm to truly experience it.  The end of the broadcast was interrupted by a public notice that strong winds and rain were coming and people in it's path should take cover. My town was even named as being in it's path in another 40 minutes. Remembered I hadn't put things back in place after mowing yesterday. So I got up, went outside, moved things around plus drove the car in the garage. Decided to do the 'John Muir thing' and sat out on the deck w/ Indy watching lightening flashes gradually coming closer. When I felt rain drops thought I'd 'experience' the rest of the storm from inside. The sound of rain put me to sleep but soon Indy started barking at the front door. I looked out and saw car lights turning in the driveway. 4 a.m. seemed a little early for visitors. However, the car stopped before coming further down the driveway and I realized it was a storm watcher. Must have been a threat of tornadoes from the storm and my driveway is a great place to see over the countryside. I went back to bed. When I checked my Fitbit this morning it registered that while I technically slept long enough to make my goal, the time was too fragmented to count as a good night's sleep. Not a problem - always have the option of naps.

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