Saturday, August 20, 2016

Barn swallows

It's been raining all day. Good day for housework. Not much on TV on a Saturday morning so I put in the DVD that I had ordered through the library system for background noise. It's "Medical School for Everyone: Emergency Medicine" - part of the Great Courses series. Bad mistake. Great Courses films a teacher in a university type setting giving hours of lectures. Unlike some university classes though, this teacher is the best of the best on whichever subject you chose. Soon I was sitting rapt in front of the TV. I even grabbed a pad to take notes (there are no exams of course, old habit I guess.) I'm not exactly sure what I expected from this subject but it was fascinating to hear what docs are thinking when in ER settings. The logic reminded me of finding a problem in a computer system from the clues in the output (except, of course, the computer didn't lie to you and the consequences of mistakes weren't usually dire.) Still I basically spent three hours this morning just watching TV. Get's worse - there are three more disks on this subject to watch.

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