Monday, July 25, 2016

Eggs (I'm pretty sure)

A great day for a drive through the Northwoods.  Decided to "air" out Brent a bit so we took off on a road trip to a garden nursery north of me.   The nursery gives out "bonus bucks" for every ten dollars spent there during the month of May however they can only be redeemed in the month of July.  Of course, I was looking for perennials.  Picked up a couple of Asiatic lilies to replace some that didn't make it through the winter.  A sedum to fill the hole that will be left by an elderberry bush that is opportunistically trying to establish itself next to the deck.  Of course, no visit to the nursery is complete for me w/o picking up a daylily.  Some people are alcoholics.  Some people smoke like chimneys. Some people gamble when they can't afford it.  My vice is daylilies.  There are no Hemerocallis Anonymous meetings that I've ever found so guess I'm trying to kick it on my own (and failing beautifully).

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