Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Strawberry moon

It made the news that a once-in-a-generation event was going to occur last night - a full moon on the summer solstice: the Strawberry Moon! Everything said was true. However, the June full moon is always called the Strawberry moon (natives knew wild strawberries would be ripening.) While this picture from last night has a rosy colored moon it's only because anything that close to the horizon will be reddened by the effect of the atmosphere. It's a little like when an excited newscaster announced "special" days like January 01, 2001 (01/01/01). Interesting but just caused by the way we keep our calendar. Remember the suggestions of an impending doomsday when the Mayan calendar ended or when all of the planets were on the same side of the sun? I guess I'm saying I appreciate something on the news that isn't a shooting or political so I hope these "events" are still reported - just w/ a little less hype. Enjoy them if you can but not something to lose sleep over.

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