Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Raking hay

In the morning, everything gets fed before me. I fill up the bird feeders w/ seed. Clean and refill the hummingbird nectar feeders if necessary. The dog gets her kibble, the cat gets a treat. I take the water can and water the potted flowers and herbs outside of the house. Of course, then I quite shamelessly took my coffee and sat on the deck to watch my neighbor work. (I'm finding more advantages to retirement every day.) Blake spent the morning raking together the hay he'd cut two days before. I had errands this afternoon but when I stopped by the house late this afternoon before taking off again, I saw that he'd already baled it too. Forecast is for a storm over night and he was racing to get everything he'd cut baled up before it rained. Lots of work but as compensation he gets a great view of the countryside.

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