Thursday, June 23, 2016

Northern Bluet damselfly

Like I said, lots of bugs are hatching now. Damselflies are one of the most common ones lately. There are 2 types of damselflies in this area - Pond damselflies and Broad-winged damselflies. This one belongs to the Pond Damselfly type. Within the Pond Damselflies there are over 30 species and 17 of those share this blue and black coloring. The sources I looked through said it takes a magnifying glass looking at their private parts to figure out specific species. Not something most of these little critters would stand around for (nor I want to do.) So I picked the name of a species the books/on-line sources said have been found in this area, that would be flying now, and frequents the type of environment where I saw them. Northern Bluet. Since I can't figure out the damselfly species with a degree of certainty, I didn't even attempt to figure out the species of whatever he's eating.

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