Friday, June 24, 2016

Eastern Hophornbeam tree

How do people living in warm climes get anything done? Another halcyon summer day and I just wanted to sit on the deck, put my feet up, and watch what was going on in the meadow.   Did remember I had to do the weekly birdhouse check. First looked over my  spreadsheet of previous check data to see which houses I had to avoid. Two weeks before the babies are ready to leave, my birdhouse checking instructions say disturbing the nest might frighten them into premature flight. The parents seemed to be in agreement w/ my notes.  I noticed some parents hanging onto the outside of the nest box. Think they were trying to entice their offspring on to the opening. All of this activity going on.  Guess I should take a lesson from them and get busy while it's nice enough to be working outside.  After all, summer in the Northwoods may be sweet but it's also short.

P.S. I can see two of the birdhouses out of my bedroom window.  This morning the babies were out of the nest and fluttering around the house.  Everyone was chattering.  Think they like flying!

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