Sunday, June 19, 2016

Arctic Skipper

Attended a meeting of the village Historical Society tonight. I'd asked a pair of their volunteers earlier in the week if their group would consider putting a display in the library. I followed it up w/ an e-mail and they invited me to their meeting tonight. Figured I should go not only to plead my case but to find out how they worked: what was the group dynamics, what kind of activities were they involved in, how much of a lead time did they require. Six people showed up - two of them were highschool classmates of mine and another worked w/ me on the town planning committee. For their size they were a pretty active group. For instance they payed for school children to attend the Ice Age Trail Interpretive Center; they organize an annual pie social; they were working on a local abandoned church. I was worried about the amount of lead time they required but when it was my turn to explain what the library would like, they came up w/ a theme of schools (current and past) that were in the area. OK, parts of the meeting were spent discussing how someone was related to someone else but, despite those asides, a pretty spirited group.

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