Friday, May 06, 2016

Sessile Bellwort

I was over at my neighbor Doug's house to check on the bluebird houses. When a house is taken down more than two times by bear, I move it to another location and I'd run out of places to put houses when he agreed to put a pair up at his place. As we talked, each car/motorcycle going past would wave to Doug. I said there was a lot of traffic on his road. He reminded me that the county road has a bridge out two miles past my place. Quickest way around is to turn on the town road past Doug's and hook up w/ the county road further on. There are signs on either end of the county road noting the bridge is out but there is no signage indicating any detour route. The town says it isn't their responsibility to put up detour signs since the outage is on a county road. The county says it isn't their responsibility since it is a state project. The state says the county should determine the best detour route. The county says the only way around is to take town roads so it's up to the town to put up signs. Anyway, in the real world, I found six bluebird eggs this week!

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