Monday, May 30, 2016

Blue-eyed Grass

I tried to count eggs last Friday in the bird houses but two had tree swallows sitting on their nests and they weren't budging - even when I unhooked the box to look inside. Another box had baby bluebirds already feathered - still trying to figure out how that happened so quickly. Indy and I were walking down a mown path when a turkey erupted out of the tall grass beside us and ran squawking down the trail. Indy took off after her and I was wondering why she didn't just fly off. Then I noticed the little balls of buff colored feathers running across the path in front of me. She was luring Indy away. I quickly walked past the place so when Indy returned she wouldn't notice the babies. It happened w/ another hen later on but I knew what to look for this time (Indy didn't and once again chased after the crafty parent.) As we passed Gorgeous Gorge a doe jumped up and took off up the ravine. She'd recently given birth and since I'd seen her lately in the same area she probably has a fawn hidden nearby. I and Indy sat stock still on the deck last night. I have three feeders spread out for hummingbirds but that must not be enough for them. We tried not to move because there were eight hummers buzzing, screeching, and aerial fighting. Indy and I didn't want to be collateral damage! This morning I stood outside sipping my coffee and listening to the morning chorus of birds in the meadow. Compared to the quiet and solitude of winter, spring is wild in the Northwoods.

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Brent said...

Enjoy reading about the wild life you see around your place. Have you seen any more fawn's?