Thursday, March 24, 2016

Black-capped Chickadee

Sometimes when I volunteer at the library it's nothing but checking in and checking out books. Yesterday the librarian had a meeting so I went in early to cover her time. There was one book on the lost list - located that. A lady came in w/ a list of books recommended by friends. Helped her find them and, recognizing one of the authors, told her about another book the author had recently written and ordered it for her. Next a man came to the desk. He'd been talking to someone who said there was a book written about where four counties came together (ours being one of them) and had "corners" in it's name. He didn't know the author. I googled that info, found the name of the book and author. Then located an available copy of the book at a library 15 miles away. He must have been pretty anxious to read it because he said he would drive over to pick it up. Two children were standing at my desk as he left. Could I help them copy some documents? Sure. Got them started when a lady using one of the library computers asked if I knew how to expand a picture she'd found on-line and print it. Not a problem. A guy came up to the desk w/ a DVD he wanted to check out. However, I noticed a different library's tag on the cover. I checked on it's status and the system thought it was in transit back to it's originating library. One of our volunteers must have shelved it instead of putting it in the out bin. I checked it out to the guy. When he returns it, it will then go back to it's correct location. After he left I took some time to check through our DVDs but didn't find any more from other libraries. Hopefully just a one-time thing though I did leave a note for the librarian in case there was a question concerning the DVD. You know, it's nice when you volunteer to actually feel useful.

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