Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hay mow

 I was carrying two small cups of coffee and two donuts when a nurse stopped me. "Is that coffee decaf?" She asked. "No way." I said enthusiastically. "Maybe in the future you could bring a decaf coffee for June. Her blood pressure has been a bit high." Surprised me. "Weren't you checking her a couple of weeks ago to see if her blood pressure was too low?" I asked. "June is on high blood pressure medicine and we add or lower it depending on how she's doing." June's 95 and I figured if she wanted caffeine she should have it. Though to be honest, June really isn't able to tell me if she prefers her mocha straight or decaf. I'll, of course, do as the nurse requested. Anyway, June was in a great mood today and talking up a storm. I tried once more to get her to say "Dump Trump" but all she would do is smile up at me and reply "Yes, dear."

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