Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Timber wolf eyes

I've had my amaryllis plant for maybe six years. I originally bought it as just a bulb to put in a Christmas gift. However, by the time I was ready to put the bulb in the package, a long leaf had already emerged. I didn't want the recipient to unwrap what might be a dead brown leaf by Christmas so I kept and planted it myself. It's faithfully bloomed a couple of times every year. While it's gone dormant before, there were no leaves nor anything green on it at all since November. The plant had finally died. It's pot sat in my bedroom and occasionally it crossed my mind to dump it in Dot or Emily (my two compost heaps). Fortunately, I'm a horrible housekeeper and hadn't gotten around to that yet. Today there are multiple leaves peeping out of the "dead" bulb. An excellent reminder that spring is on it's way.

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Anonymous said...

My amaryllis bloomed last year but not this year and I am not sure why? When I attempted to research it, I couldn't find the answer. It does however get the large green leaves? Carolyn