Friday, February 12, 2016

Horse eyes

I waited too long between stained glass projects. It's a little like when I was a kid and had to go out to the barn to carry milk. I hated getting up to do it. However, once I got started working, I had a great time. So I did the same thing I did last spring when I worked on my last big project - I booked a lesson this week at the local stained glass shop. It's an open class so the instructor is just there to help me w/ whatever I want to do. That seemed to do the trick. Before class I cut the glass pieces, put a panel together (there are seven panels in this project), and had my questions written out on my next steps. Fortunately, the instructor was OK w/ my using her class as just an incentive. She approved of how I'd put the one panel together, answered my questions, and steadfastly refused to charge me for the class (don't worry, I bought plenty of other stuff so she made money for her time). Even though I don't have another class scheduled w/ her, I've been faithfully finishing a panel each day since. I just needed that kick in the pants to get going.

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