Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Tawny Cotton Grass

Part of my duties as a volunteer at the library is to check the on-line call list to see what books have to be sent to another library. I pull them from the shelves, scan them in, and put them in the shipping container. On slow nights I save out the elementary reader books. These are the books for children just learning to read - mostly pictures w/ a few words on each page. They are fast reads, often w/ great pictures, and most are very interesting. Tonight's selections were "The Very Snowy Christmas" about a tiny mouse that sees snow for the first time; "Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep" story of a hard of hearing bear that doesn't realize it's time to hibernate; "How can you dance?" which is an activity book to get kids up and moving. Since I'm confessing that I enjoy reading children's books I might as well fess up that the TV show "Curious George" is a fav of mine also.

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