Friday, December 04, 2015


After the fight between Jose and Sergio, the dairy owners decided they would install cameras. They plan on using them not only for security but for training purposes. For example: while the cows in a group are in the holding pen waiting to be milked, a farm hand is busy cleaning their pen. One of the new guys wasn't opening up the return gates before he started to clean so cows would back up in the return alleys until we milkers had to stop milking because there was no where for just milked cows to go. The owners thought a video of what was occurring would be an easy way for the farm hand to understand why he needed to change his routine. The new camera system will record and has the ability to transmit live feed to the owner's smart phones. (Yep, the owners are giving in and upgrading to smart phones too!) Personally, I kinda suspected the owners had secreted cameras around already. They always seem to know what's going on at the dairy - even when they aren't around.

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