Thursday, June 22, 2017

Blue Flag and Wild Columbine

Forecast was for rain all day so Indy and I went out for an early walk.   We had big raindrops hitting us the entire time.  Working outside would be sloppy so I opted for running errands.  As I've said before there are small businesses run out of people's homes that I patronize.   These people have stated hours of operation but you can't really count on them being open.    They close for all sorts of reasons including the piscatorial 'Gone Fishing'.  The lady's home that sold stained glass wasn't near anything so when I wanted glass I always called ahead to see if she was open.  Unfortunately the lady that I use for framing pictures is located on the way into a city.  I don't call ahead since I keep a running list of multiple places to visit if I'm going that way.  The picture framing place is just one of the items on my list and I'm going past her place no matter what.  The problem is when she's not there - like today -  I get frustrated.  However, I was able to get everything else on my list accomplished so I'll just try again in a couple of weeks when I go that way again.

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