Friday, June 23, 2017

Hophornbeam tree

Picked up groceries and along w/ them a few squirt guns.  They weren't expensive so I can forgive that I need to keep them upright or they drip out of the nozzle.  Maybe watching all of those Westerns on METV have helped because I'm a pretty accurate shot.  Gave Blitzen a squirt when she started sharpening her claws on the sofa.  Dunder got it when he jumped into a plant.  The effect is they immediately stop what they were doing.  They haven't yet made the connection between me, standing feet away, and the spray of water.  Didn't catch either of them when they knocked over a glass vase and broke it but you can't win them all.


Anonymous said...

Squirt gun discipline? Hmmm? Wonder if that works on young children? Missed my opportunity! :-)


Anonymous said...

If you use part vinegar and part water, it reinforces the effect since cats don't like the taste of vinegar when they go to clean/lick off the offending water. They learn really quick.