Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bad Feather Day

First - there is nothing wrong w/ this robin.  We had multiple thunderstorms come through today.  My brother Phil took off early for his home to beat the arrival of the first storm.  That one arrived around 10:30 and took out the electricity w/ it's rain driven by 60 m/p/h winds.  Things had calmed down a bit so Indy and I went out to check bird houses.  Should have figured something was up when I could hear an almost constant rolling thunder and, even when I approached the nest, the tree swallow parent wouldn't leave the hole where she was sitting.  I let her be.  We checked four more houses and I had turned toward the next pair when I saw a bolt of lightening hit close w/ an almost immediate peal of thunder.  Indy looked at me and said, "Don't you think we should go back home?"  One doesn't often hear a dog speak that clearly so we headed home.  Before we made it got caught in rain and small hail.  Power finally came back on around 4 p.m.  I looked at the weather on-line and saw more storms about to hit before I lost my satellite connection because of the heavy rain.  In between storms I watched this robin hop up to a puddle and take a rip-roaring bath.  He then flew onto the fence and did a great deal of preening.  Looked quite normal again when he had his feathers back in place and dried off.

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Brent said...

Poor bird. You definitely get some interesting bird pictures.