Sunday, June 25, 2017

Balsam pine cones

At the end of  May I switched my bed sheets over from flannel to microfiber, removed/washed/stowed away the electric blanket and put screens on the windows.  One of the creature comforts I enjoy is sleeping w/ the windows open in the summer.  Another creature comfort however is getting into a warm bed at night.  W/ temps being about ten degrees colder than norm over last week and this upcoming week, decided bringing back the electric blanket was my best bet.  It's a bit of a setback but at least I'm not using the 7 to 9 settings of winter but can get away w/ 2 to 4.  

On the kitten front, Dunder and Blitzen are always discovering something new.   Blitzen was bouncing up and down trying to catch the leaves on my peace lily plant when she landed on the floor sweeping robot's start button.  It started to life and both kittens streaked for cover.

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