Monday, June 26, 2017

The Forest has Eyes

Nancy and I have been trying to find out what we can about a tombstone in the little cemetery in her home town.  It's unusual because it's one honking big black stone and no one in Nancy's family recognizes the name.  For a small town, that's pretty unusual.  We've been researching it on-line.  She found that the person  buried there was a medical doctor and that he was murdered.  I found out he was killed in California by an intruder who broke into his home.  I did find a Facebook site asking for leads on who might have shot him.  Nancy sent me a site showing that the doctor's siblings were contesting his wife being the executor of his will since they thought she had killed him.  I found out the wife now owns some medical offices in California (I'm assuming it couldn't be proven she had anything to do w/ his death) and she was picked up for being high on opiates while seated in her car.  In a way this rutting around through the Internet seems intrusive but probably no worse than listening in on the old rural party phone lines.  Just an upgraded medium.

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