Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Wood frogs

I'm watching a band of turkeys strolling across the meadow in back of the house.  The contractor to build this house didn't understand what I had planned for my study - he just followed the plans.  The study is an internal room - no windows - you need to pass through it to get to my bedroom.door and it has a short wall creating a large opening to the living room.  What he didn't get was I'd be placing my desk in the middle of the room instead of next to a wall.   Sitting behind the desk  I can see the cork board across the small room with it's calendar, and various pinned reminders of projects/plans.  If I open the door to my bedroom I can watch the TV that is in the opposite corner of that room.  If I turn my head the other direction I can see out through the windows in the living room.  So even though I'm seated at the computer on my desk in the study, I can also watch those turkeys looking for ticks (hopefully) as they meandered through the back yard.

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