Sunday, April 09, 2017

Turkey Vulture

I dropped off my friend Nancy at her home after church and then went shopping.  Had some gift cards burning a hole in my pocket.  Picked up a thistle feeder, suet feeder, and oriole feeder.  Found the tile cleaner that I had been earlier told by store staff was no longer being carried.  Bought treats for my pets and some treats for me.  Then found seed potatoes and onions.  Also bought a muzzle for Indy.  Indy is due for her rabies and lymes disease shots tomorrow.  She does not like the vet's office.  So much so that the assistants usually try to put a muzzle on her.  Thought I would see if I could get her to accept the muzzle from me.  We've had a few sessions today and she readily lets me put it on her.  Positively miraculous what she'll put up w/ as long as there is a treat reward for her at the end of a training exercise.

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